Caravan Insurance

Protected by a specialist insurance policy designed with you in mind.

Keeping you Protected.

Regardless of the age, make or model of your caravan you should make sure you are properly protected by a specialist insurance policy. This will cover you against any possibility – from window damage, falling objects, storm damage and flood damage to detachment in transit. And although caravan theft is now on the decline, it is still a problem as caravans, their accessories and contents are seen as an easy target for rich pickings.

Do I have to have Caravan Insurance?

Unlike car insurance, you are not legally required to have a separate policy for your caravan but it is highly recommended in order to protect your hard-earned investment and gain peace of mind while on holiday. Most car insurance policies will not cover you if your caravan is damaged accidentally, in a fire or stolen, so you don’t want to end up liable for the costs of any repairs or a replacement.

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The Need to Know bits.

A specialist all-round caravan insurance policy will cover both your unit and its contents. Therefore, you need to ensure that the total amount you are insured for matches not only the value of your caravan, but also the value of your awning and every piece of essential equipment.

What does caravan insurance cover?

Standard features of most caravan insurance policies include:

  • Storm or flood damage
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Fire, smoke, lighting, riots, falling aircraft and vandalism
  • Accidental damage
  • Public liability (often up to £5 million)
  • New for old cover (usually only for caravans under ten years old)
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Sensible precautions

Most of these eventualities are completely outside your control but there are several measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of your caravan being a victim of theft. Some of these are mandatory requirements by insurance providers like Caravan Guard before they will consider providing cover.

These include, fitting a hitch lock and/or a wheel lock whenever the unit is detached and left unattended for long. Our tailor made policy also offers a discount if your caravan has an alarm or tracking device fitted.

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